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Fussy eating.

Fussy eating can be a normal part of childhood development and although food refusal can be frustrating for families, many children go through this stage. It is expected that a child’s appetite will fluctuate over time depending on how much they are growing or how active they are. The early stages of life are also…


Top tips to start the school year off right.

Starting the school year can be an exciting but also a daunting time for children and their caregivers. But don’t worry – with a few simple tips, you can help your child transition into the school year with confidence and ease! Our clinic offers social skills groups and school holiday groups. If you feel your…


OT in a Nutshell

You wouldn’t be the first person to wonder what Occupational Therapy is all about. As Occupational Therapists (OT’s), we get asked about what we do all the time: “Are you a bit like a Physio?” or “Do you put hand-rails in people’s homes” or “OT’s don’t do mental health do they?” – these are just…


Tips on how to get your kids to do Homework

Having trouble getting your kids to do homework?Here’s a good video for a few ideas….


Why Occupational Therapy for Your Child?

“Occupational Therapists use a knowledge base of neurology, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, child development, psychology, psychosocial development, activity-task analysis and therapeutic techniques. They are trained to treat clients holistically, addressing their cognitive, emotional and physical needs through functional, activity-based treatment” (Williams and Shellenberger, 1996, p.5-6). It is common for parents to worry that their child is…


ADHD and Emotions: What you need to know

Please see the link to full page here.


Hitting the Off Switch

So the school holidays are drawing to an end. For some of us it’s been a juggling act while others have enjoyed a slower pace of life with their kids. But one common thread unites most parents as they think about the beginning of the school year – a knowledge that life is about to…

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