School Screens

Our screens are usually conducted at the Kindergarten and Pre-primary level. This individual assessment screens the following areas of development:

  • Gross Motor Development (coordination skills, balance, upper limb coordination and catching, muscle tone, co-contraction and core stability)
  • Fine Motor Development (dominance, hand strength, fine motor control, visual motor integration, in-hand kinaesthetic and proprioceptive awareness and cutting skills)
  • Visual and Auditory Skills (visual memory, visual attention, scanning and auditory filtering)
  • Social, Emotional and Behavioural Development (through observations and teacher interview)

Parents receive an electronic copy of their child’s results and if required, recommendations for further intervention or home activities to enhance any area of weakness. We also provide an ‘open morning’ for parents to book a slot with our Occupational Therapist to discuss their child’s results further if required.

Most schools include the screening fee as a part of the itemised school fees for the coming year, and other schools allow the parents to opt for the screen if they would like their child to receive this.

Early identification of any difficulties in the above areas of development is important and the evidence for early intervention is strong.

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Occupational Therapy services provided may include individualised assessment, individual therapy sessions, goal setting, group-based work, school-based support and liaison, caregiver consultation, caregiver therapy and family therapy.

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