ADHD Clinic

Our ADHD Clinic is an initiative that has been developed in conjunction with Inside Out and Perth paediatricians. The purpose of this clinic is to provide education to your family about ADHD and discuss evidence-based strategies to support your child’s functioning.
This clinic is delivered over three sessions, each session of approximately 50 minutes in length. The format of the ADHD clinic is as follows:

Session 1

Carer only session

50 minutes

Session 2

Family session

(carers and children) 50 minutes

Session 3

Family session

(carers and children) 50 minutes

Session Content:

These sessions have been designed to provide information to you about the nature of ADHD and useful information for families to implement within the home context. The following topics will be covered within sessions, however time will be allocated to the most relevant topics for your child and family depending on your unique circumstances.

  • Understanding the diagnosis
  • Family routines to enhance structure, consistency and performance
  • Self-regulation principles and strategies
  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties and strategies
  • Executive functioning skills for children and families
  • The role of sensory processing and tools to assist
  • Motor skill difficulties and helpful strategies
  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties and strategies
  • Liaising with your child’s school to contribute to their Individual Education Plan
  • Letter to your referring doctor at the end of the sessions to communicate progress and outline further recommendations.

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