Outreach Services

Providing services within a child’s school or home ensures intervention priorities are embedded in everyday routines, which in turn, optimises the opportunities for emotional and physical growth. School-based therapy allows the therapist to also speak with teachers regularly, ensuring strong communication between therapy and school-based goals. Therapists are also able to see the child’s work, make classroom adjustments as well as strategies to manage in the playground. Home-based services allow for the use of the child’s existing toys and equipment to develop home programs and enhance routines, including activities of daily living, sleep and play. Please note that these services incur a higher fee as well as travel fees, to reflect the therapist’s time away from other clinic duties and appointments.

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Occupational Therapy services provided may include individualised assessment, individual therapy sessions, goal setting, group-based work, school-based support and liaison, caregiver consultation, caregiver therapy and family therapy.

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