Fees and Rebates

All invoices are to be settled at the time of appointment.

Please contact our administration team for our assessment fees, as this will vary depending on your individual needs.

Treatment session fees range from $150 - $193.99.

All NDIS fees are in accordance with the current NDIS Pricing Arrangement and are reviewed periodically.

If you or your child attends Occupational Therapy, you may be able to claim sessions under private health care insurance or Medicare.
Please see below the options that may be available to you or your child.


Private Health Care Insurance

Depending on the provider and the level of cover, rebates may apply to Occupational Therapy/Allied Health sessions. Each fund differs on the amount of rebate provided and we encourage you to contact your private health care provider to discuss your cover.
Please let reception know if you would like to be billed using a private health insurance item number.
Please note we do not have the ability to process your private health rebate at reception. Using your paid receipt, you can claim online or in store.
Invoices cannot be billed under both Medicare and private health insurance (one only).
Some families choose to use a Medicare referral for their initial sessions, and thereafter switch to private health insurance

Medicare Rebate

Chronic Disease Management Plan Referral
(formerly known as the Enhanced Primary Care Plan)

This plan entitles your child to a maximum of five (5) Allied Health (inclusive of Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Dietician etc.) sessions per calendar year, with a rebate of approximately $53 per session.
This referral is made by a general medical practitioner (GP) and is often initiated if your child has been demonstrating difficulties with their development over the previous 6 months or longer.
The referring GP determines the number and combination of services that are appropriate for the patient. Only a GP can determine whether the patient’s “chronic condition” would benefit from allied health services.
If you do receive this referral, please provide a scanned copy prior to your first appointment so that your invoice will be accurate

Medicare Rebate

Better Access to Mental Health Care Plan
Please note, not all therapists can be seen under this plan. Please confirm with reception if you are planning on seeking this plan prior to seeing your GP.

The Better Access to Mental Health (BAMH) initiative enables community access to mental health professionals and team-based mental health care, through more collaborative relationships between general practitioners and psychiatrists and allied health including occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers.

Medicare rebates are currently available for up to ten (10) individual sessions per calendar year with a rebate of approximately $75 per session.
Initially, your GP may refer you for six (6) therapy sessions. Following your sixth (6th) session you are required to re-visit your GP, who will assess your eligibility for a further four (4) sessions.
In some cases, you may be eligible for an additional ten (10) group sessions per calendar year.
If you have this referral, it is important you provide Inside Out Reception with the letter from your GP prior to your appointment. In some cases, your Paediatricians may refer you for the total ten (10) sessions under this care plan. In which case, you are not required to re-visit your paediatrician following your sixth (6th) session

NDIS & Helping Children with Autism Program

Some children will qualify for funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or Helping Children with Autism program.
If this is your child’s case, please inform reception and provide relevant documentation such as NDIS plan, relevant contacts and HCWAP plan.
For both NDIS and HCWAP, a separate schedule of fees applies.

How do I receive a referral of the Better Access for Mental Health?

Book an appointment with your GP. You will need to ask for a long consultation or tell the receptionist that you specifically require a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP).
Discuss your concerns with your doctor. They may ask you to complete a brief questionnaire about your child or have your child complete it. Most MHTPs are for symptoms of anxiety, emotional regulation issues or depression, However, there is a full list of issues which are eligible for treatment under a MHTP.
Paediatricians and psychiatrists can also refer directly to Occupational Therapy by writing a letter (without preparing a MHTP). In some cases, your paediatrician may have activated the full ten (10) sessions and you will not need to visit your paediatrician after the sixth (6th) session.

You can ask for your referral to be made out to a specific clinic/ therapist.
You will need to visit your doctor for a brief review after your child has attended six (6) OT sessions. While you can claim up to 10 rebates per calendar year, it is up to your doctor to recommend further sessions beyond the initial six.

In some cases, it may be appropriate for parents to be seen under the Better Access for Mental Health. If you are feeling excessively anxious or depressed (or if you have any of the other mental health conditions) then you should consider also asking your doctor for a referral for yourself. You will need to make a separate appointment with your doctor to obtain your own MHTP (in addition to the appointment for your child). If your concerns are directly related to your child’s problems (and your child is reasonably young) then it may be appropriate to see the same psychologist as your child. Alternatively, you might need to see another psychologist at the same clinic or elsewhere.

What Does “Per Calendar Year” mean?

Under the BAMH or CDMP referral individuals are eligible for a certain number of sessions “per calendar year”. This means if you have not used all of your allied health services under a referral at the end of a calendar year, it is not necessary to get a new referral for the remaining services on the referral. However, any ‘unused’ services provided after 1 January in the following year under that referral will count as part of the total number of services for which the individual is eligible in the new calendar year.

Example: In 2020 John attended four sessions under the CDMP (total of five sessions per calendar year), he did not need a new referral in 2021 for his fifth session. After completing his fifth session, he was required to re-visit his GP for a renewal of the referral. As John used one session in 2021, he was eligible for four more sessions in the calendar year. In total John was able to have 5 sessions under CDMP for 2021, however he required a renewal of the referral to access the Medicare rebates.

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