Developmental Check-Ups

A Stitch in Time…

Do you have a child in Kindy, Pre-primary or Year 1 this year? Would you like to know how they are progressing developmentally? Do you have any concerns with their behaviour or skills?

The evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of early identification and treatment at a young age. No matter what the concern, getting the right assistance early paves the way for a better start. This keeps children feeling confident and happy as they progress through school - what every parent wants.

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Inside Out Occupational Therapy Group is excited to announce their new service, “OT Check Ups” which gives parents the opportunity to have their child’s development screened by a trained Occupational Therapist in a relaxed and meaningful environment. Fine and gross motor skills, visual and auditory skills, written or pre-writing skills, attention, sensory, behaviour and emotional skills are all screened in a 40min consult. Parents are provided with an electronic screening report at the completion of the screen with advice on where to go from here. If children require other supports, this is discussed and onward referral facilitated if indicated.

These Check Ups provide peace of mind to parents and also serve as an excellent way to track progress over time. This service is offered at our Manning Clinic. This service adds to the range of services currently offered by Inside Out OT, which include their Occupational Therapy assessment and treatment stream (infant to young adult), the ADHD family clinic, Infant and Early Years program, Circle of Security © and family therapy services, school and home visiting service and their unique Mental Health, Social Skills and Self-Regulation individual and group therapy programs. Therapists are accredited under a range of Medicare schemes, private health insurance funds and NDIS.

Inside Out Occupational Therapy Group won GHP’s Psychotherapy Practice of the Year Perth in 2017 and continues to provide targeted programs that keep children and their families feeling good, from the inside out.
A stitch in time really does save nine…

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