Occupational Therapy services provided may include individualised assessment, individual therapy sessions, goal setting, group-based work, school-based support and liaison, caregiver consultation, caregiver therapy and family therapy.

As each child and family is unique, our assessment and therapy processes are tailored to meet individual needs. The types of intervention areas we provide include:

  • Sensory processing and integration (the ability to process information through the senses, organise and then respond appropriately)
  • Self-regulation (including building self- awareness and being able to manage attention, emotions and behaviour in age-appropriate ways)
  • Psycho-social skills (including social skills, communication skills, approach to tasks, self-esteem, confidence, motivation and problem solving skills)
  • Emotional skills (managing anxiety and low mood, learning about common triggers, understanding the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviour)
  • Fine motor skills (dressing, turning the pages of a book, handling scissors, brushing teeth, play skills, developing independence)
  • Writing skills (posture, pencil grasp, hand strengthening, letter formation, reversals, neatness, planning, basic sounds for spelling and knowing what to write, structuring writing composition
  • Auditory processing (tuning into correct sounds, remembering instructions, listening for key words, auditory working memory)
  • Executive Functioning skills (organisation, planning, being flexible, sustaining focus and perseverance)
  • Gross motor skills (jumping, crawling, catching, throwing, running, coordination and play)
  • Visual perceptual skills (puzzles, connect the dots, matching and sorting, copying pictures, scanning and locating, visualising shapes and orientation, drawing)
  • Parent support (understanding your child’s unique profile and responding to them in ways that encourage healthy development of skills, managing stress, awareness of parent’s own needs, processing grief and change as well as making confident and informed decisions)
  • Family systems (Including family members where appropriate to aid in treatment sessions and achieving goals, enhancing communication skills, patterns of behaviour and improving dynamics).

We are thrilled to announce that Kathleen and Lisa, our two Directors, are Co-Convenors of the National OT Conference which is being held this week at the Exhibition Centre in Perth. 

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