Through The Looking Glass Conference

Inside Out Therapy Group Directors, Lisa Cooper and Kathleen Langford have been selected to present at the National OT Mental Health Conference – Through the Looking Glass in Sydney on 27th October 2017.


They are looking forward to presenting on the unique role Occupational Therapists provide in bridging the gap between physical and emotional health.  An honour to be selected from a large number of abstracts (check out our abstract below), they are also looking forward to learning from other Occupational Therapists across the country and sharing this knowledge with the Inside Out team.



Occupational Dysfunction in Child and Adolescent Mental Health: 

Bridging the Gap

Children’s occupations are broadly grouped into their student, leisure and self-care roles.  Successful functioning within these roles relies on the integration of numerous skills and abilities.  Occupational dysfunction is often overlooked in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).  Currently, Occupational Therapists are employed in Specialised and Acute services in Perth, with one position in an outpatient clinic.  An audit of children undergoing assessment at the statewide Complex ADHD Service found a strong correlation with complex ADHD and significant occupational performance impairment.

A high proportion of children with significant mental health problems also have difficulties with attention and concentration, motor coordination, sensory processing and self-regulation.  Developmental difficulties are associated with immature social-cognitive skills, social relationship problems and difficulties in emotion and behaviour regulation.  As developmental and mental health difficulties often present similarly, differential diagnosis is essential.  Occupational Therapists provide a unique role in bridging the gap between physical and emotional health.

Refer to conference website here.