Gross and Fine Motor Strengthening Group

These 60 min motor strengthening groups are ideal for kids who might need a little extra support with their handwriting and other fine motor activities at school.

Gross motor, core and upper body strengthening activities will be included in these sessions. A group is a super fun way to get this strengthening practice in. The kids will be having so much fun – they won’t even realise they’re strengthening their gross and fine motor skills!

Please call 0423 673 909 to book your child’s place for term 3 and school holidays 2018. Days and times are being wait listed currently.

Helping Children with Autism and Better Start for Children with Disability

Inside Out is proud to announce that we have been selected for membership of the Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) and Better Start for Children with Disability Early Intervention Service Provider Panel. We are excited to be able to offer an additional early intervention care and funding arrangements to new and existing families.   Inside Out is also an accredited provider to the National Disability Insurance Scheme – a funding model that is currently rolling out across Western Australia this year and into 2020. These programs help to make OT more affordable and accessible for eligible clients and families.

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Self Regulation for Children, Adolescents and Families, A Sensory Motor Approach

Presented at a Mental Health Professional Network meeting in Perth, Western Australia, this presentation outlines an occupational therapy approach to self regulation for children, adolescents and families with a strong emphasis on the defining sensor pathways and how to stimulate those pathways to the desired result.

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To contact the authors of this presentation, please refer to our Contact Us page.

Further information about the Mental Health Professionals Network including how to join can be found at by clicking the linked picture below.
Occupational Therapy LInk - Mental Health Professionals Network