Sparra Designs and Inside Out OT

We have hatched a new collaboration with the very clever and creative Jane from Sparra Designs.  We now stock and sell their unique therapy products – Weighted Lap Mats (small and large) and the fantastic Twiddle Tool.

The weighted lap mats comes in two sizes – small 1.5kg (blue) and large 2kg (red).

Environmentally friendly, they are filled with small pebbles rather than poly pellets or other plastics. Easy to wash with care instructions included.

The Twiddle Tool is a fabulous tactile fidget and less visually distracting than other fidgets – supporting attention and calmness for children and adults alike. Pushing a marble through a track while listening and looking at the teacher is a great combination to support whole-body listening skills. Great for children who need to move and fiddle when they listen.

Drop into our clinics to see the full range!


Offering different dolphin and sport designs and in a variety of colours, these clever tools promote appropriate wrist extension and pencil grasp to support the development of writing skills, suitable for both left and right-handers.  We recommend you purchase two for your child-one to keep at school and the other for home.  They are $7.50 each.


These clever cards (designed by our Senior OT Lisa A) are a quick and easy way to get your child moving and having fun!  With 15 different animal walks, these cards are great for developing body and hand strength, supporting shoulder and wrist stability and improving bilateral integration, fine and gross motor skills.  They also promote the following of directions and motor planning skills. A set of cards cost $11.


Another creation designed by Lisa A, these breathing cards are a great addition to every child’s calming toolbox.  Each card has a different visual prompt (such as candle breathing pictured) to remind our children to take slow, deep breaths…

Tip: Great to store in the car and practice together as a family.

A set of cards cost $11.


We are thrilled to be stocking Theraputty. We have decided to offer a range of strengths, from extra soft to firm. These little tubs are an invaluable asset to our children – building hand strength in fun way is key. Plus, squeezing, holding, rolling and stretching Theraputty can help children stay in the “Just Right” zone, feeling good, concentrating and sticking with tasks for longer.

One tub is priced at $10 or get the complete set for $30. Available from the Manning Clinic.

Limited stocks, get in quick while it lasts.