Inside Out Occupational Therapy School Partners

Melville Primary School

It’s a wrap! We have completed our screenings for 2018 and look forward to planning for 2019. This school has opened its doors to our therapy team and has facilitated on-site therapy for some of its students, reducing the disruption sometimes caused when traveling to sessions during the day. As an added bonus, our therapists can speak with teachers and the mutual sharing around the child keeps therapy goals on track.


Roleystone Community College

We continue to provide both Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy two days per week at this beautiful school. Lisa Adeney trains 10 Occupational Therapy students each year, contributing to the undergraduate development of school-based Occupational Therapy skills. The school’s Principal, Mark Brookes, strongly values the connection between education and health, and as such has secured funding to build two purpose build demountable buildings for the provision of specialised therapy at the school. Wow – what an amazing school this is!