Scotch College Evening Seminar

Kathleen and Lisa were thrilled to present at Scotch College’s recent Evening Seminar on the topic of Improving Social Skills for Primary School Aged Children – A focus on Cognitive Flexibility.

Children need to use their ‘school smarts’ and ‘social smarts’ to be successful at school. Good social skills (social smarts) are described as “adapting efficiently in each context” – our children need to read the hidden rules in each context and then regulate their physical presence, their language, emotions and reactions. To do this requires Flexible Thinking, which allows children to entertain alternative view points and have choices, without getting ‘stuck’ on their own ideas or plans. For many children this is an effortless process, but for others it is difficult and they have real problems demonstrating social cooperation. This seminar provided parents with essential information about cognitive flexibility, the impact on social skills, and importantly, strategies to use to assist the development of these skills in their children.

Source: Winner, M.G. &  Crooke, P.  (2008).  You are a Social Detective! Social Thinking Publishing: Santa Clara CA