Inside Out Therapist Presents at Out-Of-Home Care Conference

Amy Nicolson DCP

One of our Senior Clinicians, Amy Nicolson recently had the privilege to present at the Out-Of-Home Care Conference held by the Department for Child Protection. In 2015 Amy collaborated with the Department for Child Protection in one of their residential houses to support and facilitate self-regulation from a sensory based approach within a residential setting. Amy continues to work very closely with house manager, staff, clinical psychologist, directors and young people to ensure trauma-informed work was also sensory-informed work.

Recent research is making the link between sensory arousal and regulation difficulties in children/ young people who have experienced significant trauma in their lives, Research highlights the essential services occupational therapy can offer to support young people and the significant caregivers in their lives. The collaborative work that is being done with Inside Out OT and The Department for Child Protection is providing young people with sensory based activities, to help them to re-connect with their bodies as well as their emotions. This in turn provides another avenue of self-regulation strategies, which will ultimately have a positive impact on their capacity for therapy and healing.