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Company : Inside Out Occupational Therapy Group
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February 3, 2015   

My son began therapy with Lisa to help manage his anxiety and inattention. Lisa coming to our home for our initial sessions made such a difference in removing any anxiety related to the therapy itself. She has been so patient and kind in her approach that my son now thinks very highly of her and looks forward to his therapy. Lisa's therapy has given my son the ability to recognise and work through his anxieties almost independently. He has been able to use the strategies she has taught him to help manage situations that were previously very difficult, such as returning to school after the holidays. I am so very thankful for Lisa's time and effort, and the opportunity to be able to help my son where so many other avenues were unable to.

January 14, 2015   

The improvement in my sons daily coping skills and decision making since Lisa has been working with him has been so dramatic. He is much happier and the tantrums have almost ceased. It has been through lessons and exercises that Lisa provided in a playful way that has encouraged my son to finally pick up a pencil and draw pictures and letters. I can't thank Lisa enough for empowering both my son and myself.

December 15, 2014   

Kathleen has been working with our 9 year old son for the last 2 terms. I have been very impressed with her level of expertise and her empathic approach. Its been fantastic to have the sessions based at school as it means the therapy involves the teacher, its convenient, and we also get useful written feedback. Kathleen is a wonderful OT and we would highly recommend her.

December 15, 2014   

My son's confidence has gone from strength to strength since he started working with Kathleen some months ago. He looks forward to the sessions and I am so impressed with the written summary that comes home outlining what has been covered - so we can continue the work at home.
Most importantly, I have seen a huge difference in his daily coping skills and decision-making. He feels empowered and is happier.

February 17, 2014   

My daughter really enjoys her home and school one on one sessions. Being in a familiar environment makes it a much more relaxed experience for her. We are already seeing some huge improvements in her literacy skills and confidence at school! Thanks so much for everything you have done for her so far and can't wait to see all the progress she will make this year.

December 19, 2013   

"Thankyou so much for travelling out here regularly to work with my beautiful boy [name omitted for privacy].
I appreciate more than I can say the time you have taken to thoroughly assess and provide appropriate experiences in our home so that [my husband] & I can focus on the areas of need in a meaningful play environment."