Circle of Security

As part of Inside Out’s commitment to continual improvement, Lisa Cooper and Lisa Adeney have undertaken training in the Circle of Security model. We are in the process of further developing our parenting pathway and this training will support this model. This will be a wonderful adjunct to the individual therapy we are providing with our children.

Circle of Security® aims at supporting and strengthening parent-child relationships by providing a clear map to reflect on our own needs as parents and to better understand and respond to our child’s emotional world. It helps parents identify strengths whilst making sense of difficult behaviours, emotional difficulties and relationship needs.

Underpinning the Circle of Security® approach is each child’s innate need to feel safe and secure – emotionally connected. And that a child’s behaviour is often driven by this need for emotional connection. The ‘circle’ encourages parents to support their child in exploration, welcome their coming back and being strong, available and kind – the hands on the circle. It is through “being with” our children in times of need and in all their feelings that sets their foundation for self-regulation. And it is through “good enough” parenting that our children are happier, healthier and more secure.